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Costa Blanca bar robber forgets his backpack at the crime scene

A 58-year-old Spanish national has been arrested in the centre of Alicante after robbing a bar.

The detainee had no choice but to eventually admit the crime as not only was he seen very clearly on CCTV images, he left his backpack on the premises as he left.

National Police arrived on the scene within minutes of the alarm being raised, and they were greeted by a broken outside shutter which had been forced to gain entry.

According to a report in the Spanish media, the man who called the police had previously caught the man in the act of robbing the bar and it was at that point the suspect ran away…dropping his evidence as he did so.

The alarm going off also brought the owner to the bar and he was immediately able to show the National Police the video that had been recorded.

This made his identification that much easier, although he did try to escape from the police when they subsequently attempted to arrest him.


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