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Costa Blanca beach becoming a boat park

BOTH visitors and local residents have made a number of complaints about the amount of small boats and other marine craft that have taken over a beach in Denia.

The area of concern is what has been described as a ‘mini port’ in El Trampoli that has seen a build up of boats moored in Les Rotes and close to urbanisation La Racona.

Among the many complaints from visitors are those stating that this little cove is especially popular and safe for young children and accessible for people with mobility issues.  It’s now seen as a free and private mooring area for small boats and canoes in July and August, with some of their owners allegedly openly moving towels from the beach to tie up their craft.

According to reports, Councillor Josep Crespo said that whilst accepting this area of beach is “an access zone for boats, it’s not a car park for them.”

Once the complaints were received, the Local Police and the Red Cross have been instructed to monitor and control any future infringements.

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