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Costa Blanca dog cruelty suspect identified using microchips

SANTA POLA Town Council has been able to finally identify a local man believed to have mistreated a number of dogs.

He faces a fine of up to €6,000 for his alleged offences against 12 fully grown dogs and further 10 puppies that were discovered abandoned in warehouses in Play de la Vallonga.  They were found in very unhygienic conditions with no food and fully exposed to the sun.

According to a report in the Spanish media, Councillor Marisa Gouyo – who has responsibility for the protection of animals – was asked for the maximum fine available.  They range from €400 up to €6,000.

When the dogs were found, they were infected with fleas and ticks and it was obvious that they had been there for some considerable time.  Thankfully, one of them was chipped and it was because of this that the owner was able to be traced.

Local Police were praised for the way they dealt with the situation, having spent up to four hours with the highly stressed dogs until they were all rescued.

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