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Costa Blanca market traders suffer in heatwave

WORDS and phrases such as “insufferable”, “horrible” and “third world conditions” have been used to describe the conditions endured in the Alicante Central Market.

This has been due to the failure of the air conditioning system due to the appliances overheating.  At one point, the temperature inside the building reached 40ºC and, according to a report in the Spanish media, an estimated 30 per cent in the turnover of fruit and vegetables had been lost.  Another area severely affected has been the fresh fish department.

Most of the system has now been repaired, but both traders and customers alike are going to have to wait until October until it’s due to be fully restored.

Speaking to the Spanish media, local trader Ana Girones said: “We had to spray our customers with water to keep them and allow them to buy our produce.  This is a very serious situation.”  A number of stalls have also installed their own fans to keep themselves and their products as cool as possible.

In the fish market, traders said that twice as much ice than usual was used to cover the wide variety up for sale and thus has led to increases of their electricity bills of up to 20 per cent.

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