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Costa cat man’s neutering campaign seeks funding

A CARING cat lover has been seeking funds on social media after posting about his neutering projects.

Javier Peromingo Jimenez saw an article about cats who went hungry in a village in Malaga. It was then that Operation Cartama was put in motion.

He added he was a volunteer who specialised in rounding up cats for neutering, with the support of the Triple A Animal Protection Service in Marbella.

In one group of strays he found 54 cats and 12 in another one nearby. A total of 10 of the 54 cats have been placed with Marbella’s veterinary service, including the black cat that which will be operated on this week.

A total of 56 cats were neutered in two days. Jimenez said that thanks to these operations hundreds of kittens will not be born into a world of suffering.

He added he wanted everyone to know just how much they are helping to save cats lives each time they donate.

People can follow his journey on his Facebook where he also provides his bank information or PayPal to donate if they choose to. Any donation would help to fund the project, he said.

Jimenez has visited areas including Churriana and Cartama and has found 6,005 cats.

Jimenez said it was sad he has to keep asking people for money to continue helping these street cats.

He added his well-known reputation calls him to many towns and cities near Marbella where he could get more money by increasing the prices for each cat found and neutered.

He only asks for the bare minimum needed and when people give him more he puts the money into his savings account and invests it in cats nobody wants, he said.

In January, he had asked for help with neutering 100 cats in El Ejido in Almeria where he dealt with an English woman who he had previously rescued 20 cats for.

She gave him money that allowed him to help find 120 street cats in three days that were then neutered by vets.

Jiminez said that he would continue to count on people to help him in his mission of saving these cats lives and thanked everyone who helped.

Photo credit: Facebook / Javier Peromingo Jimenez

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