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Costa del Sol security guard in maternity leave storm

A WOMAN who worked as a member of the Carrefour shopping centre security staff in Estepona, has lost key parts of her job after taking maternity leave.

Instead of holding her position for her return, the company removed her leadership role and changed her working hours.

The move from Carrefour has been widely condemned and it has been urged to reinstate the woman on the same conditions as before.

Her outraged colleagues will hold rallies at the supermarket’s entrance from today until Saturday.

The woman has been a senior member of the security department of Carrefour since 2008, and one of only three female security staff in the province.

She was working a shift of 7am to 5pm from Monday to Saturday, but has been bumped on to evening hours.

A court judgement has ruled in her favour but Carrefour has declined to comment

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