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€86,000 drugs stash found in Costa Blanca car park

GUARDIA CIVIL officers have arrested a 34-year-old man in San Vicente de Raspeig after being caught with a stash of drugs in his car.

According to reports, he had a total of 55 kilos of hashish hidden in the boot and because of the high amount discovered, has immediately been sent to prison pending further legal action.

The man was stopped by the Guardia Civil after they became suspicious at the way he was leaving a communal car park.  They immediately stopped him and at first he had no papers with him.  However, when they accompanied the man to another car, parked in a locked garage, he produced his identification although remained in a very nervous and agitated state throughout.

As a result, they began a more detailed search of the car and found the drugs made up of hashish packaged in a variety of ways and all ready to be distributed and sold, estimated to have a street value of around €86,000.

In addition to being charged with alleged drug trafficking, the man also didn’t have a valid driving license having lost all of the available points from it.

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