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First Costa Blanca evacuees return home but Llutxent fire still burns

THE 120 citizens of Pinet who were evacuated as a wild fire ravaged their municipality have been allowed to return home but 2,600 who had to flee Llutxent remain stranded in shelters.

At the moment firefighting efforts are bent on containment and stopping the flames from reaching nearby towns of Gandia and Barx.

Strong winds have made the task of extinguishing the blaze – which started in the early hours of Monday morning – all but impossible.

The task of 700 emergency workers on the ground and 31 air units has instead been to ‘stablilise’ the fire.

So far around 3,000 hectares of woods and scrubland have been incinerated and 40 homes destroyed or damaged by the fire.

Meanwhile the Government Delegate to Valencia, Juan Carlos Fulgencio, has pledged government support for those affected by the fire.

He has emphasised that there are grants available to help people recover. Anyone wanting to make a claim will have one month from the moment the fire is declared extinguished in which to do so.

Aid will be available to families for personal injury, as well as for damage to property as well as financial support for local authorities.


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