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Help to reduce the number of unwanted and homeless animals

THE Marbella based animal charity Triple A will be joining similar charities in 28 countries to support the ISAR  27th Annual International Homeless Animals Day® on Saturday, August 18.

The main goal of ISAR and Triple A is to reduce and try to eliminate, the overpopulation of dogs and cats, and the adverse impact this has on a community’s health, safety, welfare, environment and fiscal budget, through the promotion of  sterilisation as a major solution to this problem.

They will be holding an evening of awareness and education on the importance of sterilisation/neutering on that day at the Puerto Deportivo in Marbella from 8pm to 11pm with the hope that as many as possible will come together in solidarity to enlighten the public about the tragedy that affects all communities:

At 10.30pm, there will be a candlelight vigil in memory of all homeless, abandoned animals that have been killed unnecessarily in municipal pounds.

Anyone can come and light a candle!

The charity has the support of many veterinarians in the area, who will be issuing 50 per cent discount vouchers for sterilisations.

The Marbella Council is supporting this event; officials and the Mayor Angela Muñoz have been invited to the candlelight vigil.

Every year more than 150.000 pets enter animal shelters in Spain and many are destroyed so it is hoped that this initiative will encourage local people to think long and hard before they abandon pets or leave capable of breeding.

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