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Investigation begins into Puerto Banus harbour access scam

A COURT in Marbella is investigating a potential card scam that allows cars without due authorisation to enter the Puerto Banus area.

So far two complaints have been filed at the National Police station, and legal action will be taken on them.

The concerning situation comes in the wake of changes to the electronic access system to the port, which in the summer is a popular attraction for wealthy tourists.

Cards are given to the owners of boats that have purchased a berth in the port, but it is believed that an illegal market for the purchase and sale of duplicate cards has arisen.

Buyers of these counterfeit cards believe they are purchasing them in good faith, but as soon as they have transferred their payment, the intermediary with which they have been arranging the deal cuts off all contact.

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One Reply to “Investigation begins into Puerto Banus harbour access scam

  1. We went to Puerto Banus Harbour last week of July and there were less cars and it felt safer to walk around the port without fear of getting run over by posers that shouldn’t be in there. We noticed a member of staff checking the cards on the way in to the port and if the car owner didn’t have permission they were not allowed in the port. We also heard that port passes have increased €300 – €1700 don’t know how true that is. So it seems this alleged scam has been going on for many years.

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