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Man arrested after shooting at police on Costa del Sol

OFFICERS of the National Police have arrested a man in Estepona accused of shooting at them.

The suspect’s mother had called the police to inform them that her son, 29, has a history of drug addiction and was threatening her.

Several National Police officers went to their home, on Avenida de Los Reales, but the man had barricaded himself in along with his mother and brother.

When the police heard from outside the mother asking her son to let go of the knife, they broke down the door.

However, the suspect grabbed a firearm from a bookshelf and fired at them.

The bullet passed between the officers’ heads and through the door of the opposite house, past the living room and shattered some glass on the terrace.

Fortunately, although the neighbours were eating in the living room, no one was injured.

Police immediately apprehended the man, and also seized three machetes from the house.

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