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Massive IBI tax savings planned for Costa Blanca town

IN a move designed to make the area more appealing for big companies, Santa Pola council has announced its intention to make massive cuts to the annual IBI tax bills… popularly known as the SUMA.

The plan, due to be raised at the next council meeting, will see a 95 per cent reduction on new building for the first five years.  However, the purpose of them must meet a number of requirements before being able to benefit from such a generous cut.

One of the motives behind such a move is the council’s desire to encourage tourism all-year round and not simply concentrated during the busy summer period when the population is known to increase five-fold.

The intention is that the substantial local rates subsidy will be given to new buildings that are declared as special interest, can stage cultural and historic events, and create employment which would include hotels.

Over a number of years, governing councils of Santa Pola have always wanted to adopt such initiatives since there are only four hotels currently in the area.  These don’t take into account additional forms of tourist accommodation and campsites.

At present, there are three hotels currently being built in the municipality; one of them in the Gran Playa area on a spare plot where another building once stood.

These new constructions will bring not only extra tourists to the area for longer periods of time, but also a boost to the local economy.

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