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Migrants rescued from small boat and taken to Benidorm

SALVAMENTO MARÍTIMO, the organisation responsible for maritime matters involving the sea around the coast of Spain has rescued seven migrants adrift in a small boat 70 kilometres off the coast of Benidorm.

They were alerted to the plight of the migrants by the captain of a fishing boat which had spotted them and it was decided to bring them to Benidorm in case they needed treatment and for processing.

Off the seven on board, all seemed in relatively good condition but were in need of water and when the rescue vessel docked, they were met by a Local Police zodiac vessel and taken to a hastily constructed mobile field hospital to be examined by representatives of the Red Cross and local medical officers.

As at least one minor was involved, social workers and psychologists also attended so that all of those who landed could be properly interviewed and go through the process of registration.

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