More police patrols following fears of school vandalism during summer holidays

THWARTING VANDALISM: Local Police and council officials visit one of the schools. Photo Credit: Ayuntamiento de Murcia

THE Murcia Council has committed 60 members of the Local Police force to keep watch on 172 schools in the area in order to in order to restrict attempts to vandalise the premises.

This is a 24-hours a day operation which has carried out 1,800 inspections to date and surveillance is increased at night and weekends as part of a policy that was introduced in 2015.

Officers and politicians are worried that these empty buildings can become haunts for illegal drinking and drug taking as well as vandalism and theft and the most vulnerable buildings in locations considered to have the greatest risk receive the most regular patrols.

The education establishments were all advised of this programme which will continue until children return to school in September and access keys to the properties have been made available to the officers on patrol.

As part of the ongoing fight against low-level crime, the Murcia Council is increasing the Local Police numbers by 10 per cent so that a further 50 new officers will join in September of this year.

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