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New nursery unit almost ready to open doors on Costa Blanca

BENIDORM’S Department of Education has allocated just over €47,000 to adapt space at the Mestre Gaspar Lopez School to accommodate the new nursery unit that starts in the new school year.

Mayor Toni Perez said that “the work hasn’t been limited to inside the classrooms. Most of the spending has been used in renovating the playground areas and carry out repairs where necessary.”

This has included making improvements to the area that will enable rainfall to be properly collected in future and prevent the current issue of stagnant water.  In addition, the rubber surfaces have been replaced and a dedicated area for the youngest 2-year-old pupils has been created.

Inside the classroom, floors have been upgraded, toilets updated and the electrics reviewed and modernised.

Mayor Perez went on to say that the work will be finished in “plenty of time” before teachers return after their summer break and at least a fortnight before the nursery students start a new term.

It is understood that the new classroom will host 11 students.

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