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New study to tackle the rising number of jellyfish on the Costa del Sol

A NEW study has been launched on the Costa del Sol that will look into ways of dealing with ever-rising numbers of jellyfish on the regions beaches.  

The chairman of the Mancomunidad(Provincial council), Margarita del Cid, oversaw a meeting this week, where representatives form various beaches across the Costa del Sol met to discuss the jellyfish problem with experts from the Oceanographic Institute.

At the meeting a plan of action was outlined.

Where it was clear no party present at the meeting could explain the increase in jellyfish over recent years, it was decided that an official investigation will be needed to better understand the phenomenon.

Del Cid has suggested that once the study is complete the provincial council will be better positioned to “propose some actions for the coming years”.

Actions for the more foreseeable future include a lifeguard education program and public displays to educate bathers of the recommended procedure for dealing with jellyfish stings.

Aula del Mar, plan to launch a specialised app for beachgoers called ‘infomedusas’ which is designed to share information about the location of the jellyfish, creating an information map for all those looking to avoid the pests.



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