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‘Police chief’ arrested in Benidorm taxi row

LOCAL POLICE in Benidorm were called to an incident in the centre of the well-known British area of the tourist capital…but nothing to do with those traditional customers and problems.

In this case, it was a chief inspector of one of the National Police units based in Valencia who ended up detained after an alleged altercation with a taxi driver.

According to a report in the Spanish media, two members of the Local Police were slightly injured.

Events unfolded after three people, including the chief inspector that was not in uniform at the time, approached a taxi in Calle Ibiza in Benidorm.  When the driver said that he wasn’t on duty, a row broke out and led to the Local Police being called.

When they arrived at the scene, the now arrested man was described as being “very upset” at what had taken place and was quick to praise his two companions who had tried to calm the situation down.  However, when he was asked to prove who he said he was, he allegedly refused and threatened to report the now five members of the Local Police that had arrived.

He was subsequently arrested and taken to the National Police station in Benidorm where legal proceedings were put into operation.

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