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Safer beaches promised by Costa del Sol council

MARBELLA COUNCIL is updating its beach surveillance points, adding 15 new ones along the coast and all will, for the first time, be equipped with public address systems.

Councillor Manuel Cardeña said that this was an important initiative needed to safeguard those using the beaches and ensuring that rescue and lifeguard services will increase their efficiency in the event of an emergency.

Currently some of the lifeguards simply sit on raised wooden chairs but these new surveillance points will be easily identifiable and are due to be installed by Friday (August 10).

Marbella will be paying for 10 of these new points whilst the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol will pay for the remaining five and all will be able to communicate with each other through a specially installed bidirectional radio system which will not cause interference with nearby homes.

It is also intended to try to introduce additional emergency receivers in areas where there are no lifeguards so that members of the public may alert them to any problem that may arise.

This is part of an ongoing programme to maximise protection for beach users and to make the work of the lifeguards on duty more efficient and comfortable.

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