SHARP RESPONSE: Knives thrown at local police on the Costa Blanca

PILAR DE HORADADA, where the knife incident occured Credit: Shutterstock

FOUR people have been arrested by Local Police in Pilar de la Horadada after barricading themselves in the house they were planning to rob.

The quartet of attempted thieves, all believed to be around 20-years-old, had entered the villa but were surprised by the police officers after the alarm had been raised by local neighbours in the early hours of Saturday morning.

They became aware that several people were inside the property after they’d woken up due to the noise being made.

As soon as the Local Police arrived, they saw that a window had been broken to gain entry and could see that the property had already been ransacked.

However, they quickly realised that the thieves were still inside and when they entered confronted them.

The four then rushed up to the top floor of the house but had no way of escaping due to the security grills on the windows.

After being cornered behind a bar, they began to throw various objects at the officers that included chairs, broken glass and even knives.

The police called for support and a further six officers rushed to the scene.

They were eventually able to break down the door and overwhelm the four men in one of the upstairs rooms, where they were arrested and subsequently held in the local Guardia Civil barracks.

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