SHOCKING: Costa del Sol burglar who posed as electrical inspector to rob the elderly

National Police want to ensure that the elderly are not tricked Credit: Contando Estrelas flickr

A SPANISH male in his 30s has been arrested by the National Police and has been charged with burglary in Fuengirola, Malaga City and Marbella.

It is alleged that he and another man (who is being sought) presented themselves to elderly residents as electrical inspectors and whilst one distracted the property owner, the other stole money and jewellery.

Officers believe that there is a gang of burglars operating in Malaga Province who target the elderly and often expatriates who often live alone and may not be aware of the correct procedure to follow if unannounced visitors arrive claiming to be from the electric company or indeed checking on butane gas.

When officers searched the home of the arrested man they confiscated €750 in cash and a number of pieces of jewellery which they hope to return to their owners.

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