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Significant grant allows employment training on the Costa Blanca

THE Council in l’Alfàs del Pi is in the process of developing a landscape regeneration project in the Parque de Escandinavia, which includes cleaning, pruning, repair of degraded areas and landscaping.

This action is part of the project Escoles d’Ocupació Et Formem, a mixed program of employment and training for people who have had difficulty in finding work or belong to vulnerable groups, thanks to a grant of €199,830 from the Generalitat Valenciana

The Mayor of l’Alfàs, Vicente Arques, and the Councilor for Technical Services, Óscar Pérez, recently visited to view the work carried out by members of the program, which has focused on the cleaning of degraded areas and actions designed to improve stormwater drainage.

It is a mixed program of training and employment, so from the first day people are hired and receive an assignment while learning a trade.

This is the second project developed in the municipality through the Escoles d’Ocupació Et Formem program as the town received an earlier grant of €64,843 which allowed the hiring of ten people for four months to carry out a landscape regeneration project on a municipal plot in l’Albir.

Once the course was passed, the students obtained a level 1 professional certificate. Thanks to this new grant the program could be extended for one year and, upon completion, participants will receive a level 2 certificate.

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