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Spanish taxis to get the blues

FOLLOWING on from similar initiatives in Belgium, the Netherlands and Greece, Spain is the latest country to introduce a system of blue number plates for its taxis.

The measure has been brought in as part of a number of attempts to crack down on the illegal, private hire and pirate taxis.

The new law came into force at the beginning of August and will require the rear number plates of taxis and other legal operators of vehicles of up to nine seats to be coloured blue, with white characters.  There will be no change to the front plate which will remain the traditional white with black lettering and numbers.

Owners of the vehicles affected by the change in the law will have up to a year to change their registration plates, although they can do so immediately if they choose.

The change follows an amendment to the law approved back in 2016 and followed a substantial increase in the number of pirate companies and private vehicles intruding on legal taxi areas.


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