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TAXI STRIKE UPDATE: Better news for Benidorm

AFTER receiving a request from the Benidorm Council, striking taxi drivers have agreed in principle to review their indefinite strike policy in order to try to protect the long-term interests of the city.

The council argued that there would be long-term damage to the essential tourist industry if visitors were unable to get to and from hotels or travel around the city.

The three taxi associations in the area have acknowledged that the strike could hurt the drivers financially if tourist numbers dropped in the future and a compromise was therefore reached.

Whilst continuing to support the strike on a national level, taxi drivers from Benidorm and Marina Baixa areas will offer to carry passengers within the urban area and will provide services for the disabled and ambulatory or hospital transfers but will not accept fares that takes them outside of the region.

Representatives of the council thanked the drivers for their unselfish decision and confirmed that it supported the drivers in their efforts to see greater control over the granting of licences for ‘private hire cars’.

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