TONIGHT: Meteors galore as Moon enters darkest phase.

The best views are predicted for tonight Credit: Shutterstock

As RTN reported earlier this week, the Perseid meteor shower reaches its highest point during this week. 

However, tonight (Sunday August 12) will provide your best chance of catching an unforgettable glimpse of the shooting stars.

The shower is a thrilling spectacle and people all over Spain will be able to marvel at the magic of meteorites fizzing across the night sky.

Although the Perseid meteor shower is not confined to just one night, stargazers have been awaiting the time when the Moon enters its phase of total darkness.

The absence of the moon promises to allow the meteorites to appear even clearer and for this reason Sunday 12 has been identified as the perfect night to witness the ‘falling stars’.

Those brave enough to venture outdoors in the late to early hours are likely to see the best of the action.

Experts predict that from 10pm to 10am on Monday morning is the perfect window for stargazing.

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