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WATCH: Gang of ten Croatian burglars arrested by National Police on Spanish Costas

A TOTAL of 10 people, three women and seven men have been arrested in Torrevieja and Malaga city accused of wide scale burglary.

According to the National Police who made the arrest, the gang of 10, many of whom were Croatian, were based in Torrevieja but under took robberies in the provinces of Alicante, Almeria, Murcia, Malaga and Valladolid.

The women were experts in opening the doors of unsecured properties using what is described as the ‘slip method’ whereby they used simple tools to increase the gap between doors, allowing them to slip the lock.

The men were involved in finding appropriate places to break in to and to carry out general surveillance during the period of the robberies.

Officers first identified some members of the group after a robbery with force was committed in Cartagena and they were traced to their HQ in Torrevieja.

It was noted that they left a number of vehicles scattered in different parts of the vicinity so that they could use different cars to travel to undertake their burglaries without causing suspicion.

During the raid on the alleged thieves’ property, officers arrested seven people, found a large amount of jewellery and other items which they were believed to be stolen and recovered four ‘suspect’ vehicles.

Three other members of the gang were caught ‘red handed’ after breaking into an apartment in Malaga City.

The next priority for officers is to find the owners of the jewellery.

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