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WATCH: High speed boat chase on the Costa del Sol

A DRUG smugglers’ launch escaped to the waters of Morocco after a dramatic high-speed chase across the Straits of Gibraltar.

The Guardia Civil tried to intercept the smuggler’s boat as it approached Punta Carnero in Algeciras presumably to unload hashish.

On spotting the police the launch turned and fled at high speed heading for Morocco. As they raced away the smugglers threw 69 sack cloth covered bales of hashish weighing 2407 kilos overboard to lighten the load.

A Guardia Civil Air Service helicopter had detected the presence of a suspicious vessel of the type often used for trafficking drugs before alerting the maritime patrol.

During the chase the smugglers threw heavy objects at the Guardia Civil launches, damaging one of them.

The pursuit ended after the helicopter reported that the drug traffickers had dumped all the bundles into the sea and was entering the mouth of the Tanger Med port.

Guardia Civil subsequently recovered the drugs from the sea.

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