240 km/h online speeding teen caught

RECORDED: Video proof of the speeding teenager. Photo credit: Guardia Civil

BE careful what you share on social media… you might end up getting arrested.

That’s the fate of a reckless 19-year-old from Torrevieja whose exploits behind the wheel of his car as he sped along the A-35 motorway as he passed through Vallada in Valencia were proudly boasted across Facebook.

Driving at 240 kph, he posted a video of himself which, because it went viral, was seen by Local Police officers in Torrevieja.

They then passed on the case to the Guardia Civil who began to trace the driver immediately.

According to reports, it wasn’t difficult to identify the driver as he was well known to the authorities having been arrested for other offences on previous occasions.

As the investigation took shape, the exact point on the motorway where the video was taken was worked out and the speed of the car was calculated.

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