Aid for those who need it most in Costa Blanca municipality

ALTERNATIVE: Alberto Bevia says aid “corrects” the unfairness Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de San Vicente del Raspeig

SAN VICENTE del Raspeig Council has announced that it plans to allocate €150,000 towards paying housing costs for disadvantaged families in the municipality.

According to reports, a total of 1,250 people will be able to benefit from the maximum subsidy of €120 that aims to cover electricity, water and gas bills.  In addition, it can be used to meet the costs of repairs or community fees.

Councillor Alberto Bevia said: “We have prepared an alternative to the reduction of the annual IBI [SUMA] that corrects the inequalities that exist within housing in San Vicente.”

To be eligible for the aid, applicants must be registered on the Padron, and living in property where the cadastral value (on which the IBI is based) is less than €115,000).  It’s understood that there are a total of 25,000 homes with this official valuation.

The measures will be raised at the October plenary council meeting and there is nothing to suggest that the motion will not be passed, and the money will come out of the 2019 municipal budget.

Councillor Bevia said that once approved, there will be a major publicity campaign to inform people of the initiative and to ensure than nobody misses out on what they will be entitled to.

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