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Spain to UK flight declares emergency after take-off

A FLIGHT from Spain to the UK declared an emergency after the landing gear failed to retract after take-off.

The flight – BA2631 – had taken off at 10.55am without any apparent problem but moments later the alarm was raised when the landing gear wouldn’t retract.

As the plane reached 6,000 feet, they stopped their ascent and requested that they hold over the sea near Alicante while they attempted to solve the issue and to jettison large amounts of fuel as is standard procedure.

However, nothing would work and so they asked to return to Alicante where the aircraft landed safely an hour after it had left.

Even though they were deployed in the event of any issues, there was no need for them to be used and the passengers disembarked the plane as normal.

The downside was the delay endured by the passengers as the replacement aircraft took off some 10 hours later and not arriving at London-Gatwick until just before midnight.


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