Costa Blanca drugs plantation found after power surge

STREET LIGHT: The 600 plants uncovered using ‘free’ electricity Photo credit: Policia Nacional

NATIONAL POLICE have uncovered a major indoor marijuana plantation in Elche after the electricity supply company reported an unusual amount being consumed…and no records to back it up.

Around 600 plants, most of which were almost fully grown, were discovered in a storeroom attached to a house in the city after the property using all this power wasn’t even fitted with an electric meter, and it was deemed almost impossible that it could be draining the amount that was.

Collaboration between the National Police and the electric company then found out that the property was connected to the street lighting supply, and when they turned up to investigate realised there was a very strong smell of marijuana.

The occupants were arrested and charged with alleged drug cultivation and for defrauding the electric company.

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