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Countdown to new Costa Blanca market place has begun

THE countdown has begun to the start of the new market place in Orihuela.

Everything is now in place for the Tuesday market to move on September 18 to the Marques de Molins from the Huertos Exhibition Grounds after a ballot was held among the 172 traders for the pitches.  The market has been held in the previous location for the past nine years.

In the remaining week or so, the stall holders will be formally notified of the results of the ballot that was computer generated, although it’s estimated that almost all of them filled the council meeting room to bursting point to hear for themselves the pitch location they’d secured.

According to reports, Councillor Damaso Aparicio said that he was “very happy and satisfied” on how the draw was made, following criticism by a number of the market traders on the potential lack of transparency.  “It was a totally open draw,” said Aparicio, “and this can be confirmed by all of those that have come along.  It seems that everyone is looking forward to the move.”

The new location is expected to make shopping easier as it will be located in just two streets, while the fruit and vegetable sections will be placed next to the station.  The entrance to the market will be dominated by clothes and household items.

On the down side of the move, Councillor Aparicio acknowledged that parking is an issue and that the council is working on a solution that may see a number of private spaces being rented to be used for both traders and customers.

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