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Fake jobs scam exposed in southern Spain

A FATHER and son have been arrested for selling false jobs in the docks which never materialised.

The National Police of Algeciras claims to have 15 testimonies of victims who were, between them,conned out of €150,000 euros by the dockworkers.

A source said the duped were asked to pay between €12,000 and €30,000 each, money which was apparently sourced from friends and families.

The detainees both work for the SociedadAnonima de Gestion de EstibadoresPortuarios (Sagep) (Port Stevedoring Management Company) of the Port of Algeciras Bay, but do not belong to the company committee.

But the victims allege the pair claimed to have enough contacts to get them work when the recruitment season began.

Some of those caught up in the deceit had made part or all of the payments, but when the job board was opened, they realised they had been hustled when they weren’t offered a position.

The police, with the support of the Office of the Prosecutor, began investigating after hearing about some of the cases on several websites.

In some instances, the pair even signed a bogus contract in which they promised to facilitate a position in the stowage in exchange for a certain amount of money.

Algeciran National Police is continuing with the investigations on two fronts – to find new victims, and/or incidents of similar scams.

The stevedoring companies operating in Algeciras and the unions agreed in March to create a new employment pool of 460 temporary personnel to complement the fixed workers of the Sagep.

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