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Family who allegedly sold drugs to children arrested

MEMBERS of the same family have been arrested for allegedly selling drugs to young people in a Torrevieja school.  It’s understood that three generations – a grandmother, mother and grandson – were involved.

According to reports, the 16-year-old boy was the alleged trafficker of marijuana, cannabis resin and even cocaine among his fellow pupils and other connections within the municipality.

The three detained were two woman aged 61 and 37 and are Columbian and Spanish nationals.

Alarms were first raised within Torrevieja’s Guardia Civil when they became aware that drugs were being sold in one of the schools, and this set off an exhaustive investigation to get to the bottom of the matter.

The main suspect was the young boy – aged 15 at the time – although during the investigation he was expelled from the school for disciplinary reasons unrelated to the suspected drugs crimes.  It was at this point that there were fewer incidents within the school but more drug activity in other areas of Torrevieja.

The point of sale for the narcotics was traced to the family home, and during a subsequent search following the arrests more than 160 grams of marijuana ready for sale and several grams of cocaine was found.

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