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It’s a dog’s life on the Costa del Sol

WORK on the new dog park in Las Lagunas has begun and costing €331,000 it is planned to be completed within two months subject to weather conditions.

Covering some 3,000 square metres, the park will cater for humans and their pets, with comfortable benches, useful bins for rubbish and disposal bags as well as drinking fountains and different exercise areas for the dogs.

The entire park will be bordered by a fence and within the perimeter there will be a special ‘pipican’ for the dogs toilet needs with a network of sanitation outlets, an area for small dogs to have fun and general agility, training and exercise area.

Included in the plans for canine furniture, there will be a seesaw, a jump fence, vertical obstacle course, a ramp, a ring jump and a rigid tunnel.

Access will be through two metal gates with a double fenced entrance to prevent animals from escaping.

Residents without dogs have not been forgotten and they will have their own park outside of the dog area and once this is up and running, Mijas will be the municipality that has more space dedicated to dog parks than anywhere else in Spain.

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