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‘Lost’ Costa Blanca parents leave three children alone

THREE young children were rescued from a car in the centre of Alicante after being locked inside, albeit with the windows open.

The car with a French number plate, parked on Calle Tucuman close to the headquarters of the Alicante Provincial Government and a number of restaurants, caught the attention of several passers-by when they heard shouting coming from inside.

According to reports, the three (two young boys and a girl) had been left in the car by their parents who eventually returned two hours after the alarm had been raised, claiming they had got lost when returning to their vehicle.

When Local Police arrived at the scene, they found the two boys playing in the front seats of the car, while the oldest girl was using her mobile phone in the back.

Police took all three to the local child protection unit and towed the car to the municipal pound.  Then, according to witnesses, when the parents eventually turned up, they were greeted by no car and no children.

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