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New Lions Club for the Costa del Sol

AN English-speaking Lions International club has now been formed in Marbella.

Founded 101 years ago, the international organisation operates in 200 countries worldwide, boasting 46,000 clubs with 1.4 million members.

It was founded by entrepreneurs as an organisation to improve the lives of those in their local communities, as well as people around the world.

The clubs promote a wide range of activities, including golf tournaments and cultural events and operate second hand shops in order to raise money for charitable organisations.

In the Costa del Sol, these have included raising money for Ciudad de los Niños, anti-AIDS and environmental charities and food banks.

The organisation has also directly helped several local schools and the Red Cross. Funds from the international organisation are generally focused on alleviating suffering in developing countries.

The Lions Club annual golf tournament raised $100,000 in 2015, enough for 100,000 measles vaccinations around the world. This year it was held on March 31 in Mijas.

Gerhard Steinruck has become President of the new Marbella club. He highly recommends becoming a member:

“Everyone has their own personal interests that they can promote at the meetings. It’s an excellent thing for both actively working and retired people to get into; it’s a good way to invest their time.

You can make new friends and business contacts, as well as meeting people who speak your language. It’s also very sociable, with many activities which are all for a good cause.

“We have meetings twice a month to discuss new initiatives to raise money, and we sometimes go on excursions together. Members tend to devote between one to two hours a week, but those on the Executive Committee have to contribute substantially more time.

Please call: +34 667 760 230 to register your interest or to ask for more information

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