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‘Who wears short shorts?’ – Costa Blanca uniform policy drama

A SCHOOL in Torrevieja has stopped a number of their students from attending classes as they are deemed to be wearing shorts…that are too short.

The controversy blew up in the IES Torrevigia last week when a group of students were told that the shorts they were wearing went against the rules of the school.

According to reports, during the first few days of the week the students came to the school dressed in the shorts and assumed there was no problem.

However, when they turned up on Friday a number of teachers were placed at the school entrances and classrooms, and promptly took the offenders away to the library as a punishment for not complying with the regulations.

It is understood that the rules stipulating what can and cannot be worn to school was all part of the documentation handed out at the beginning of term.

Parents and students have complained that they should be allowed to wear shorts, which is a personal choice of the individual, especially in the high temperatures that have returned to the Costa Blanca with a vengeance.

The school’s rules say swimwear, T-shirts with offensive, sexual or racist slogans, shorts and vests are not allowed.

As a protest, a group of students and parents were planning to go to the school today (Monday) dressed in shorts, skirts and dresses to see if they will be denied access to their classes.



SHORT SIGHTED: Teachers stop a number of students from attending lessons at IES Torrevigia (File image)
Photo credit: Google Maps

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