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007 HEAVEN: New James Bond website will leave fans purring like an Aston Martin

OCTOBER 5 marked International James Bond to commemorate the date Ian Fleming’s timeless secret agent burst onto the big-screen for the first time in 1962’s Dr No.   

And now, the James Bond celebrations continue.

A new website has been launched filled with facts and figures about the legendary 007.

Bond in Numbers by Betway, takes a detailed look at 24 films in the series to shine a light on fascinating facts from across the franchise.

Ever wondered which Bond was the deadliest assassin? Which 007 was the biggest drinker?  Or which incarnation of James had the most success with the ladies?

All will be revealed… the website reveals fascinating facts about all aspects of the world of James Bond.  Covering box-office performance to popular theme songs, the cars, the gadgets, the catchphrases and much more.

Take a closer look at Bond in Numbers, all Bond fans will be in 007 Heaven!

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