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Activities for Half Term Holidays

YET ANOTHER week opens that is a ‘crunch week’ for the Brexit negotiations. Though there are much more serious demands on adults time. 

Its half term this week in the UK so schools are closed and parents are running round entertaining their children. Visits to petting farms, theme parks and museums are very much on the list of options.

Activities as entertainment rank highly with parents as activities will keep Johnny and Jane occupied and boredom at bay.

Potting and painting courses even football training are all scheduled for this week. Halloween is also on the horizon.

Preparations for that night are beginning, with most shops stocking the essentials from pumpkins to pointy hats, from brooms and capes to large bags of sweets.

Parents and neighbours are organizing parties and street tours to select neighbours’ homes where children can be certain of a warm welcome as well as sweets when the children voice their demand for “trick or treat!” Some early birds are also looking towards Bon Fire Night with fireworks and ‘penny for the guy’ the cry.

The younger ones will be taught the story of Guy Faulks and the Gun Powder Plot. Scary stuff just right for ghoulish youngsters.

Some families have taken the option of a hoped for sunshine break from the gathering gloom of the UK’s more northern latitudes.

Spain and the Costa Del Sol has for many years enjoyed the late season rush of the Autumn half term break with a welcome spike in visitors from the UK.

On Saturday , to get the half term week off to a great start a parade was organised in London on the first day of the holidays.

Something to do with Brexit naturally. What a great way start half term than to take the children for a nice long walk?

An entertaining ride on a train into central London , then possibly even a Tube ride. Meet up with other families in one of central London’s many parks.

Witty Banners and flags all waving. Lots of amplified music which would drown out any speechifying and a nice walk through the streets on a sunny and dry day? Perhaps even a picnic or a visit to a museum or gallery to round out the day.

Children all excited and by the end of the day the absolute certainty that they will without doubt sleep. Some adults though do not need children to enjoy a pint outside a famous Pub before a nice walk down to Parliament Square.

Nick Horne, London, England



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