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Benidorm emergency plan announced

AS soon as the official warnings of severe weather conditions were announced on Tuesday, Benidorm Council activated its Territorial Municipal Emergency Plan.

Heavy rains have been forecast to hit the Valencian Community as from yesterday (Thursday) and expected to continue across the next few days until Sunday.

The arrangements were announced by Councillor Lorenzo Martinez, and they included closing off a number of roads and stopping parking in some areas of the municipality as a preventative measure.  The measures will affect Calle Racharell, Calle Murtal and Calle Toledo.  In addition, public areas close to ravines that are known to flood will also be cordoned off.

During the period of the alert, a brigade of technicians will be on-call 24 hours, and will be there to back up the usual work of the emergency services.

Among other advice given is for local people to find out if they live or work in a renowned flood zone, clean their drains of any build-up of leaves or other rubbish, take vehicles away from areas that may flood, stay away from rivers and ravines and, if they do need to use a vehicle, make sure the main roads are used and keep speed down.

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