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Benidorm looking to lure new off-season visitors with new promotion

FOLLOWING the news that up to half a million fewer Brits are expected to have visited Benidorm this year steps are being taken to boost tourism.

The Visit Benidorm Tourism Foundation has received a significant increase in the annual grant it gets to promote the area.

This year, they received €100,000 in subsides – up from €27,000 the year before – from the regional tourist authority that goes toward marketing the popular visitor capital of the Costa Blanca.

The main aim is to promote Benidorm as more than just a place to take a two week annual holiday with the sun and the beaches a plenty on offer.

However, recent changes in the habits of the tourist has seen pressure coming from the re-emerging markets of Turkey and Egypt that have both threatened to ‘steal’ visitors.  In fact, according to recent reports, the number of British tourists to Benidorm has fallen by 420,000 this year to date…a drop of 9 per cent.

Sports tourism is high on the list of the new attractions being promoted, as well as the attractions of an autumn-winter break.  Spain’s neighbours, Portugal, are also being targeted and the area has been featured at a number of recent national and international tourism fairs.

In addition, be prepared to see more film units around as advertising, film and TV companies are being encouraged to use Benidorm as a backdrop for their future productions.

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