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Costa Blanca airport dual-carriageway dispute

PLANS to turn the main N-338 road that passes the Alicante-Elche Airport into a dual carriageway have meant that there will be no direct access to adjoining car parking areas and a number of car-rental companies.

The major area of concern is that they won’t be able to reach the main roundabout – the only entrance point to the airport terminal – from their bases on either side of the current single-lane carriageway.  They will only be left with the option of using a service road in the direction of Torrellano and use the roundabout in front of the Aitana School.  According to reports, this will lead to extra traffic using that access point and increase the risk of accidents.

The widening of the N-338 – essentially to take pressure and to stop traffic building up on the A-70 motorway – will also mean several of the parking or rental businesses having to close as part of their land will be needed for the works.  Some are already looking for alternative locations.

The N-338 is the only access road to the Alicante-Elche Airport and links the A-70 with the equally busy N-332 coast road.  Figures from 2015 showed that 26,000 vehicles used the road on a daily basis.

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