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Costa Blanca nieces report “years of abuse”

A MAN has been arrested in Murcia by the Guardia Civil accused of abusing two of his nieces when they were children.

The two sisters, who are now 15 and 24-years-old, had finally decided to report the alleged actions of their 64-year-old uncle, which took place over a number of years.

The man has been instructed to report to the courts once a month, and a restraining order has been placed around the victims as well has the uncle being prevented from having any communication with them.

According to reports, the oldest of the victim claimed that she’s suffered continued abuse until she reached 18-years-old.  As for the youngest child, it’s alleged the abuse began three years ago and continued until the uncle was arrested.

The two girls and the detained man live in the Murcia municipality of Sangonera la Verde and are all Spanish.

The uncle continues to be under arrest and is waiting to find out whether he is to be sent to prison.

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