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Costa Blanca thieves caught red handed carrying a stolen cash register

NATIONAL POLICE officers have arrested two thieves in Denia in connection with alleged robberies carried out on a house and commercial premises.

The events took place last Sunday evening when the National Police received a 091 call to alert them of a possible robbery in a home in the municipality.

Once they arrived at the scene, they established that the robbers gained access by forcing an exterior shutter and managed to take a number of personal effects from several rooms.

Shortly afterwards, another call reported a robbery taking place in a business premises when the owner noticed, via the CCTV installed, that two people were in the act of stealing his cash register.

Police quickly realised they were the same people and immediately began tracking down the alleged thieves.  They weren’t prepared for what happened next, as a police patrol spotted two men carrying the stolen cash register.  Following a short chase through Denia’s streets, both men were caught and detained.

The two Spanish nationals – aged 26 and 28 – were found to have around €3,000 in cash on them, allegedly stolen, and a bag of marijuana.  The items stolen from the house were also later recovered from a rubbish container on one of the nearby streets that they’d dumped during the chase.


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