EVACUATED: Poison gas cloud hits Costa pool

EVACUATED: Chlorine gas leak strikes 13 pool users (File image) Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Gandia

THIRTEEN people – 12 of them children – have suffered from the effects of poisoning while they were swimming in or stayed around the municipal pool in Oliva, located in the sports centre.

Two of those that appeared to have suffered more than the others from what is believed to be an alleged leak of chlorine gas were taken immediately to the Francesc de Borja Hospital in Gandia.  The remainder, after receiving some initial treatment in the ambulances that were called to the scene were taken to the Jaume Roig de Oliva health centre for further assessment.

According to reports, Mayor of Gandia David Gonzalez went straight to the area when he was made aware of what had happened, and said that the leak of chlorine had generated a toxic cloud that engulfed the enclosed swimming pool.

The most common symptoms were irritation to the skin and eyes, and breathing difficulties.  Several of the victims began vomiting and it was this that caused the most alarm and the emergency services to be called.

When they arrived, the facilities were completely evacuated and the investigation got underway to establish whether the leak had been caused by an accident, mechanical failure or human error.

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