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Fake goods trade is hurting Benidorm’s economy

BENIDORM’S Independent Trade Association (AICO) is blaming the proliferation of shops that allegedly sell fake goods as one reason for a fall in income during this summer.

Their feelings were passed over to Benidorm’s Mayor, Toni Perez, and Councillor Ana Pellicer at a recent meeting to discuss the problem that is concentrated in the Rincon de Loix area of the tourist centre.

Just under a year ago, AICO called for a meeting with the Guardia Civil, National and Local Police to coordinate the activity of the three bodies to fight against the practice of selling counterfeit goods.  However, according to reports, AICO consider that not enough has been done following the recent summer that has seen some sales falling by half in the ‘legal’ enterprises.

AICO are also asking the council to take the next step and revoke the opening licenses in those businesses that receive complaints about alleged selling of fake items.  Some have been reported up to 13 times and yet they are still going unpunished.

A spokesperson for Benidorm Council explained that they are intensifying the investigations into the shops that have been reported but said they can do no more as it’s out of their remit.

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