High drama for the Javea Players

VERDICT: A gripping drama begins at the end of November Photo credit: Phil Mansell

JAMES HIGHWOOD, the host of a popular television programme called British Justice? is on trial, accused of murdering his baby boy.

Against his solicitor’s advice to have legal representation, he prefers to conduct his own defence and pleads manslaughter.

He annoys the judge by claiming that the jury alone is responsible for the verdict, and also irritates the QC prosecutor, a well-known Catholic pro-lifer.

This gripping courtroom drama – it’s an emotional rollercoaster – will have you on the edge of your seat, not least because the production is ‘in the round’. The audience is on three sides of the ‘stage’ so you are up close and personal with the protagonists and you’ll feel as though are the Jury.  What will the outcome be? Book your tickets now to find out.

Rough Justice will run at Jávea Players’ Studio Theatre from November 26 to December 1.  Tickets are €10 and available via www.javeaplayers.com.

If you have a problem please e-mail [email protected]  or call 634 330 915.

La Cocina will open specially to offer a pre-theatre dinner from €17.50 each night. Two-course plus ½ bottle of wine per person.  Desserts an additional option. See the menu at www.lacocinajavea.com and click Jávea Players. Dinner bookings 96 579 5140.


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