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Not all Kisses are the same

Between stormy weather and stormy political news flowing into the television over here is it any wonder that programs like Strictly Come Dancing are doing better than ever.

Of course even that program has been infected with a form of hysteria. A wayward kiss providing a volcanic boost.

Two of the competitors were caught on camera out side a public house enjoying a prolonged and engaged kiss.

Outrage of course sparked as they were not kissing their official partners but were instead ‘playing away’.

The television presenters and newspapers columnists all agreed that this was appalling behaviour, a Twitter storm ensued with all commentators in total accord.

That the audience ratings of the program concerned could go only one way.

Improve substantially! So there was a winner even before the program aired on Saturday night.

Meanwhile stormy weather courtesy of Storm Callum dropped a small sea on the Principality of Wales. Sufficient to fill rivers and cause some to over top defences that had withstood flood waters for more than 30 years. Simultaneously London and the south east of England basked in sunshine with warm winds – not unlike a hair dryer on hot – pushing temperatures up which duly rose to 23c , Wales though continued to be filled with rain.

Which weather system reflected the political news being pumped out of the television set? Sunny London or stormy Wales? A torrent of Brexit spin that frankly did little to illuminate was filling the air waves.

The political temperature as passionate as London’s glowing day The political debate as blowy as several storms and hurricanes, but the news reports as dull as the clouds looming over Wales.

The Dancers on Strictly Come Dancing did rather well in the event, with Seann Walsh and Katya Jones making it through to the next round.

The “Dance of Shame” will continue apparently with a thank you to that Kiss for producing a peak time audience of nearly 12 million and winning more than 51.2 per cent of Saturday night’s viewers in the UK.

The real challenge of the week though was met by the ladies in Windsor on Friday. How they managed to keep their hats on for the Royal Wedding in a gale was an amusing distraction. The kiss which concluded proceedings was strictly official and wholly approved by all.

Nick Horne, London , England


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