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Strong business increase recorded in Costa del Sol boomtown

THE number of business licences granted in Marbella as of August rose by almost 11 per cent on the same period last year.

According to Jose Eduardo Diaz, councillor for Industry and Public Roads, 367 licences were registered as of the end of August, compared to 331 last year.

He also noted that in the months of July to August alone, 100 permits were approved, a significant rise on the 62 granted during the last two months last year.

Diaz said: “Our municipality is demonstrating a continuous upward trend with an increasingly strong economic activity. To these figures we can add the number of open professional businesses that do not need a license, as may be the case of lawyers, so the figure is actually higher.”

Diaz said another positive fact is the number of self-employed in the city, with an increase of 11 per cent since 2015, bringing the figure from 11,166 to 12,397.

Diaz said: “This shows the confidence of entrepreneurs in our region, which is at the head of Andalusia in number of self-employed per inhabitant.

The upward trend of the local economy is also demonstrated by the increase in licenses to works vehicles, going from 208 from January to September, 2017, to 242 registered in the same time frame this year.

Finally, Diaz highlighted the work carried out by the delegation of Public Roads and Industry ‘to maintain the Starlite Festival in the city’ pointing out that Marbella benefits hugely from the tourism promotion of the important event.


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