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SOME years ago actually, 5 November 1605, men plotted to over throw the Parliament and King of the United Kingdom with the simple expedient of blowing them up with gunpowder.

By the end of that century the UK had experienced the Civil War, the Glorious Revolution and Restoration of the Monarchy.

Along the way the Great Fire of London, to distinguish that fire from all the others I suppose, achieved fundamental urban renewal that would otherwise not have occurred.

However, what we celebrate today is Bon Fire Night to commemorate the Gun Powder Plot.

Several centuries on the consequences of the Plot, the Great Fire and the Glorious Revolution continue to play out.

Tonight and for several days past we have seen bonfires burn with many surmounted by effigies.

Plotters are no longer hung, drawn, quartered and then burned. Though effigies of Popes, plotters and of course political figures of these more enlightened days such the Right Honourable Boris Johnson MP are burned atop the bonfires while fireworks burst noisily and drip colour across the sky.

Watching children and their parents laugh and smile.

This week we have another more modern political process playing out.

Of such consequence that the UK’s mainstream media have sent all the major or principal journalists and political commentators to the United States of America to cover the mid-term elections.

A positive consequence is that coverage of the Brexit process such as it is has descended to the realms of fairy tales.

Not that the coverage ever ventured that far from that happy realm of fantasy, fun and frolics.

Yet with all the consequential political news on offer in the USA political journalists with their TV crews have relocated to Washington DC or New York City for the week.

We are, all of us, in for a treat. Continuous rolling news coverage of the political theatre of the USA.

Over the last week a rising wave of news nuggets from the USA have alerted the uninitiated that consequential news is about to break.

Who is going to win the Mid Terms? What are they winning and losing? Why are they winning? Rolling analysis by talking heads, grey beards and young Turks explaining why this or that nuance is the actual original consequential nugget of news.

By Saturday the USA Mid Terms will have been rung dry and the news caravan will simply move on.

Though the Sunday papers will possibly have a 12-page colour pull out feature, will any of us be the wiser?

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